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Tuesday Morning  9.30 - 10.30am 
Thursday Evening 7pm-8pm


It’s easy for us to lead ourselves into an increasing negative spiral right now, so in moments where we are struggling with our mental health, the one thing that often brings us joy or at least a sense of support, is our friends, loved ones and the feeling of community.

Prioritise the relationships in your life, checking in with friends at this time is key; depression, anxiety and loneliness, are all very real, rampant and debilitating. Small acts of kindness can make a world of difference, and simply speaking to those dear in your life, naturally, in turn, boosts your own happiness.

A focus on dynamic, moving stretches will aid our joint mobility by addressing flexibility, muscular strength, and stability all at once!

Honing in on our mobility daily will empower us to feel both stronger and freer in our bodies, helping stave of injuries so we can move, perform and play to our fullest potential. Harnessing the ability to do the activities we love, with ease, long into old age

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Olivia Boydall
Tel 07554 446502

Website: OliviaBoydallYoga

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